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Group Rentals

Thessbike has long experience of renting bicycles to numerous groups, and its connected certified guides serve your every need. Choose between a tourist tour by bike in Thessaloniki, a trip to the Greek countryside by bike or even corporate events by bike.

Educational Actions with Bicycles for schools

Thessbike has in collaboration with AMKE Nature Outdoor Exercise created an educational program, approved by the Institute of Educational Policy and the Ministry of Education, which supports the use of bicycles.

The program’s goal is to share the basic knowledge about the use of the bicycle and the contact and familiarization with the bicycle, in order to maintain safety. In addition, it highlights the importance of regular bicycle use, as a means of maintaining and improving health that fights inactivity and mobility in childhood.
The training program includes theoretical and practical knowledge of cycling, helping children through practical education to understand how to behave properly on city streets.
The program concerns primary and secondary school students. For more information you can contact us at [email protected] or call us at (+30) 694 882 5929.

Company Events with Bicycles
If you are a member of a company, travel agency or a group of individuals, please send us a message at [email protected] and we will contact you immediately to organize the ideal cycling route.
Thessbike offers a large and varied fleet of rental bicycles and other similar wheeled vehicles. All of the above are available for rent by the hour or by the day for individuals, clubs or groups of tourists or visitors.

The benefits of Thessbike

We give you five reasons why you should choose Thessbike!


It’s healthy


It’s recreational


It’s easy and inexpensive


It avoids traffic congestion


It protects the environment

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